Art for Kids

Our collection of art for kids is unique, colorful, captivating, and endearing. Each piece of kids’ canvas wall art is printed on artist’s grade canvas, then hand-stretched over a solid wood frame for exceptional quality and durability. Personalize designs to make your little one feel extra special and loved, with children’s room decor made especially for them. All art can also be printed on wood. Glass, or metal!

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Alphabet Of Silly Animals - Mint
Rocket Blueprint
Velociraptor Skeleton
Mallard on Wood
Raccoon on Wood
Keep Calm and be a Mermaid
Be Who You Arrrg - Warm
Woodland Animal's Campfire
Reach for the Stars - Rocket
I Love You to the Moon and Back Ocean Horizon
Let Your Dreams Soar
Cute Crayon Starfish
A Lizard and Its Branch
Red Race Car
Day With a Smile
Race Cars - crayon
Sunshine is the Best Medicine
Little Cinnamon Girl
Black Whale - Pink Pattern
Campfire With Friends - Ginger
Animal Alphabet - Blue
Tiger on Wood
Moose on Wood
Koala on Wood
Squirrel on Wood
Mouse on Wood
Number Balloons
Ten Balloon
Nine Balloon