3 or 4 Letters Puzzle is 5in x 14in x 0.5in

5 or 6 Letters Puzzle is 5in x 18in x 0.5in

7 or 8 Letters Puzzle is 5in x 22in x 0.5in

9 or 10 Letters Puzzle is 5in x 26in x 0.5in

  • Multiple sizes to choose from
  • Made from high quality wood materials
  • Bright and vibrant painted letters
  • Hundreds of image backgrounds to choose from
  • Base material printed with high quality inks

Important note:

ONLY alphabet letters will be accepted A to Z. No digits and symbols will be produced.

If the word is less than maximum letters in the chosen size the system will add a placeholder
as a hash tag #. If you see the symbol # at the end, it is normal.
The # symbol will NOT be in the Puzzle.


SizeQuantity FromQuantity ToPrice
3 OR 4 LETTERS1100$69.95
5 OR 6 LETTERS1100$79.95
7 OR 8 LETTERS1100$89.95
9 OR 10 LETTERS1100$99.95

Price Calculator

Total :$69.95

Estimated Total :$69.95